Don’t Worry, I’m Not Depressed

I am not a perfect anything. I am not an ideal man. I am a struggling husband. I am a flawed parent. I am an average pastor. I am a frequent failure as a Christian.

I have no problem openly admitting this to anyone.

This blog was built on the idea that everyone fails. But grace also provides us with a second chance in Jesus.

Spending an hour on social media reminds me that few people see the world this way. There seems to be endless self-promotion going on wherever you look. Sometimes it is personal with a “Look how beautiful I am” picture. Sometimes it is relational with a “Look what I did for my family.” Other times it is more backhanded and subtle with “I have the best spouse” statements to let the world know how good we are for noticing. Finally, some are just blatant posts about “How proud I am of my child’s achievements” to remind us of your impressive parenting skills. It seems we want the world to know we have no flaws or struggles.

Honestly, I believe some people have started living their lives solely for the approval of others. They do everything for the praise or applause of the people in their circle of influence. Everything is a chance for a great photo that I can post to show the world my excellence as a person.

Reading the Bible paints a different picture for me. It states that we are all sinners. We are flawed, and everyone has cross boundaries we should not have crossed. We are like sheep who have gone astray and are now lost with no idea how to get home. Our best attempts at trying to be a righteous person are like filthy rags in God’s sight. We are not okay.

On here, I try to be completely honest about my struggles as a man, husband, father, and preacher. It frequently leaves people worried about me. “Are you okay?” seems to be a common question. Email, texts and comments about how great I am as a pastor appear every week. I sincerely appreciate them, but they often feel like people are trying to encourage the depressed kid so that he doesn’t go crazy one day.

Don’t worry about me. I just find no value in positive self-promotion. There is too much of that going on in the world, and it is leaving a whole segment of people confused and feeling alone. I want them to know they are not alone. We all struggle, but people have been taught to cover their feelings of insecurity with a happy face and pretty pictures.

I find my self-worth based on three pieces of Biblical information. First, I am created in the image of God. Second, God saved me in Jesus. Third, God has a plan for my life, if I am willing to let him use me. These truths are foundational and unchanging.

Today will be another day full of missed opportunities, failed attempts and disobedience. I am okay with telling you this because God will still be with me even in my imperfect world. I also want you to know he is with you too.

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