When Life Goes Beyond Explanation

Some things in life a hard to explain.

A series of good events take place that seems beyond explanation. We say, “They are lucky.”

Two people meet oddly, and they fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Hearing their story and some people respond by calling it “destiny.”

Something good happens to a person who is typically nice, and people say, “That’s Karma.”

The storm comes, and it blows a tree over in front of your house, but nothing is harmed. Neighbors talk about the “strange power of mother nature.”

Everyone, I mean everyone, has things that happen in their life that go beyond rational explanation.

Ancient people attributed these actions to a list of gods. They created idols to explain all these incredible phenomena that they experienced. We have moved away from gods and relabeled them with things like “luck, destiny, karma” and a host of other words.

What if the unexplainable events of your life could be the mighty hand of God? What if he were quietly moving and pushing you toward a life guided by him?

A preacher I admire once said, “Trying to see the hand of God is like looking through stained glass. You can see it, but you have to look closely and carefully.”

Where has the hand of God been working in your life? I am sure it has been happening. You may have mislabeled or misunderstood it, but God is with you.

How would your perspective on life change this Thanksgiving if you looked for the hand of God in it?

Maybe the unexplainable in your life has a supernatural explanation of God working for your highest good.

One thought on “When Life Goes Beyond Explanation

  1. I truly believe that Everything Good comes from GOD. He is Love and does great things for us all every day. Some things are big and easy to see, some things are smaller and we might not notice them at the time, but only good comes from GOD.
    Thank you for Matt for your blogs

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