Waiting for a Day that Never Comes

Returning to work after the long holiday weekend meant I was greeted with a mound of work. Combine that with the looming Christmas season, and I am overwhelmed. There is so much to do. I found myself sitting here dreaming about one day. One day I will catch up on all this work and the stress level will be reduced, and life will be good.

Then I realized how many of my dreams I am waiting to happen one day in the future. I fantasize about this one day when everything will be perfect.

One day I will have less work, and I will be less stressed.

One day I will catch up on all my projects at home and have more time for my family.

One day I will not have children’s events to run to, and I can spend more time with my wife.

One day I will have enough money to pay all my bills, and I will become generous.

One day I will have extra time to develop deep relationships with people I know.

One day I will be retired and have more time for God.

One day I will …

One day I will be the kind of man I have always dreamed of becoming. One day when my schedule allows, and the work is done. One day when the children are grown, and I have less responsibility. One day when the finances are better, I will give more time and energy to a cause I believe is worthy. One day out there in the future my life will perfect, and I will be happy.

The problem is that one day never comes. There is always just today. I have been dreaming about this mystical time that will happen one day since I was a young man. Now, I find myself still dreaming about this great one day.

The truth is that we only have today. This is what we get, and we are called to make the best out of the mess. We are challenged to shape our lives in the middle of less than perfect conditions.

Great people do not just show up one day, they are formed over a lifetime of imperfect days, just like today.

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