Don’t Forget Giving Tuesday

The American culture has given rise to naming the days immediately following Thanksgiving. We have Black Friday and Small Shop Saturday. We have Sunday set aside for worship, although our attendance shows that several people forget that day. Anyway, we then have Cyber Monday as the day people shop online unless you have a day job and responsibilities. Then in 2012, a new day was proposed, and it is starting to catch on across the country. Today is Giving Tuesday.

The concept is simple. We have spent the past five days indulging in food and spending. Why not take some of your money and give it to charity? Instead of making the holidays all about purchasing gifts that will break in the next year, why not donate to a worthy cause and allow your cash to do something positive in the world?

Just so you know this is not a selfish plea, you do not have to give to the Church I lead. You do not even need to give to a Church.

Now I would ask you to do two things. First, as a believer, I would love for you to give to cause the directly impacts the world for Christ. Our Church supports missions that I can suggest like Show Me Christian Youth Home, Rapha House, a Christian College, Christian Campus House (in Warrensburg, MO), or even a missionary on the field. Second, do a little homework on the place you give your hard-earned money. There are organizations where 80% or more of the donations go to overhead costs. There are non-profit CEO’s that make millions. On the flip side, some great groups function with little staff costs and have a high impact.

My challenge today is simple: Just give something to a worthy cause.

I honestly believe the best way to use your resources this holiday season is to give to a cause that will be about positive change in the world. It will not only impact the world, but it will shift your focus onto more significant things. Jesus makes it clear, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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