Temporary Companions on the Journey

Flipping through a photo album reveals a small mystery of life. There are pictures of people who touched my life for a season and now are gone. It seems God gives us individuals to help guide us for a short time, and then we move different directions.

Obviously social media can allow us to stay in touch longer, but even then, many of the people who have walked through my life are distant now. We no longer speak regularly or know the details of each other’s lives.

The footprints on my soul that have been left by teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and Church members are deeply imprinted. They taught me something. They gave me wisdom and guidance. They saw the best in me when I couldn’t see it.

And now they are gone. Lost in a world of memories of the good times and precious connections.

I believe God brings two groups of people into each person’s life.

1. People To Help Us. I believe God can send the right person into your life to guide you in paths of righteousness if you listen. They can point you farther down the road to the life God has in store for you.

2. People We Can Help. I also believe God has brought people into your life that you can help. It may be as simple as a word of encouragement or as complex as counseling. You have people who need you for this moment on their journey.

These people may only cast a slight shadow over my walk with Jesus, but the impact can be significant.

We naturally attempt to cling to these blessings God sent us, even if our paths separate. Still, slowly God moves us both different directions. Time will inevitably leave us as strangers with a common story.

As I look at the pictures of my past, I am thankful for those strangers God brought to me that became friends. We helped each other, and then we moved on.

I hope my life has been a blessing to other people, if only for a short time.

Each day God brings people close to us, and we never know where that will lead. Every single day he does this … even today.

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