Why I Share My Stories … And You Should Too

Sometimes I worry that I share too much about myself on my blog. I fear it will shift the spotlight on me or it will glorify my behavior. I pray it does not detract from God’s work or elevate my life about Jesus. I do not want to be self-serving or self-promoting.

With that said, I continue to share stories from my journey of faith, and I think you should too.

1. You Are Most Familiar Story. Every other story we tell is based on guesswork. We have insights into our thoughts and intentions that we do not have with other people. Not only that, we do not have to research or memorize our story. It comes out of each one of us naturally, and therefore it is more engaging.

2. You Have Perspective Others Do Not Possess. When we share our personal story of faith, we have the ability to see large blocks of time at once. We can remember our infantile steps on our journey and the person we have slowly become today. This is important because it allows us to explain the work of God in our lives more fully.

3. People Want to Know About You. This may shock you, but people want to hear about your journey of faith. Other people want to hear about where you have been and how you have changed. They like to hear about your experiences and your transformation through Jesus.

4. God Wants to Use YOUR Life. Hear this clearly; your story is an example of God’s unique work in the world. There is the only one you and you have your own individual story. God does not want to waste your life and encounters. I believe he wants to use all that you have been through in your life for his glory.

I once taught a college level class about evangelism. The first part of the course was to show them the Bible basics of why we need to share our faith. The second thing I taught them to do was share their own story. Some them were disappointed because the wanted some technique or gimmick to reach people. I wanted them to know that the best tool God has given us is our own story of faith.

I use mine, and I hope you will use yours.

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