One Person at a Time

My Facebook feed is full of penetrating questions. Things like, “What is the Church going to do about the immigrant crisis?” Another says, “How should Christians respond to the issues of sexual assault and abuse in our country?” There is quite a lengthy list of issues going on around our country and our world that need to be addressed in a thoughtful Christian way.

While I understand the overwhelming need to confront the evils and issues of our society, I usually meet them with silence. Please hear me; this is not the silence that comes from apathy. This is something different. My seeming lack of response comes from watching those who form platforms, shout angrily into the internet and join political movements usually accomplish very little.

I believe the transformation of our world happens best one person at a time.

The problem I see so often is that people will stand up giving speeches and write pointed posts on social media but do very little actually to help others. Their words speak the truth, but their actions betray them. I want to be a part of a movement that is focused on real change, and I think that happens best one person at a time.

How would the world be different if we each began to reach out in Christ’s love to one individual or family?

What needs are near you that you could bring about positive change? I bet you work with someone who has been a victim of abuse and longs for a sympathetic shoulder? What if you connected with that young mother who is going through an unplanned pregnancy? How about you quietly mentor with that one boy who is struggling without a father? I would wager some people walk through your life who need the forgiveness of Jesus and a connection to his community.

Honestly, I understand the need for actions groups and the power of working together for good. I do hope you support groups who are making a difference beyond your reach. But never let your pleas for a kinder and more loving society be louder than your actions to achieve those things in the lives of those around you.

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