A Metal Detecting Parable

Friday is usually my day off. Sometimes it gets adjusted for special events, but it is a pretty sure bet that I am not in the office right now. If I am not in the office, you will usually find me in one of a few places. I am either fishing, hunting, metal detecting, shed antler hunting or shopping for supplies to do one of those activities.

I have found local groups for all these adventures on Facebook. There I can see what other people accomplished, and how they did it. In fact, one of the few things I read on Facebook are the articles posted about my hobbies. I have found it to be a wealth of information that makes my fun time activities more enjoyable.

The other day one of my metal detecting friends had a post with two pictures. The first picture was a handful of silver coins, civil war artifacts and a few pieces of jewelry. Get the picture clearly, one handful of good finds that might have a hundred dollars or more worth of value to the right collector.

The second picture was a pile on the garage floor of metal junk. This guy had literally dug up more than two five-gallon buckets full of trash. Anyone who has ever participated in this hobby knows the world is full of junk items, soda cans, and zinc pennies. There is far more junk in the ground than good things.

Looking at his two pictures, I immediately thought it was a parable of the Christian life. We now live in a world full of information about God, Jesus, faith, and the Bible. There are people, like me, posting hundreds and thousands of articles on the internet every single day. I have dozens of books in my office that are on my “read next” shelf along with another hundred books on my Amazon wish list. We now have more Christian information that we can digest in a lifetime.

The harsh reality is that much of what we will encounter is junk. Some articles do not apply to us. Some books hold no interest to me or are elementary in nature. And there are some things written that just plain wrong. (I really hope you do not believe everything you read, no matter who is the author).

The adventure of being a Christian in 2018 is like being a treasure hunter. You read and expose yourself to thousands of pieces of information, and your job is to find the few little valuable bits to hold onto that will shape your thinking.

My encouragement to you dear Christian is to keep searching. The only way to find those valuable nuggets is to keep digging. Today I will be out there with my coil to the soil and my shovel in hand. I know I might come home with nothing more than trash, but I might also come back with a valuable piece for my collection. The same is true for you. Keep reading, listening, and talking until something profoundly touches you. Life changing truth is out there; you just have to keep looking.

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