My Not-So-Holy Week

The week leading up to Easter has been traditionally called “Holy Week.” It is the time of the year we celebrate Maundy Thursday as the night of the Last Supper and Jesus institution of Communion. We remember Good Friday as the day Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. We draw attention to Holy Saturday as a time of quiet reflection as Jesus body lay in the grave so many years ago. Then we reach the pinnacle of the week with Easter Sunday morning as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

This is a week set aside in the mind of believers as an extraordinary week in the Christian calendar. It is a time for reflection, celebration, and praise. It is a week to focus on God and the work of Jesus Christ.

So why do I not feel so holy this week? Why does it seem like just another ordinary week?

Maybe it is because Easter has come a little earlier on this year’s calendar? Perhaps it is because of the weather this year? All the cold and rain along with snow in some areas makes it still feel like winter. Quite possibly this feeling is the result of my own life. My days are full of work, the boy’s school, and my regular springtime activities. Whatever the reason my week has felt Not-So-Holy to me.

Today I am reflecting on my week and my not-so-holy feelings. Here is some good news I see …

1. Jesus did not come and die to save only religiously excitable people. This week was not about setting up a religious holiday for believers who are full of joy. It is about Jesus dying on the cross for sinners such as I. It is a week for people whose lives are a mess finding Jesus is the Messiah. This week is a call to become holy, not just for those who are holy already.

2. God’s gracious work has nothing to do with my feelings. A preacher I like says, “Remember some things are true even when you are asleep.” His point is that the truth of God is not dependent on what I think or feel about it. The cross and resurrection are unchanging truths. Jesus great work still saves me, especially when I do not feel holy.

3. The joy of Easter is always unexpected. I am sure that the first Sunday of Easter was not filled with expectation and joy. The ladies went to the tomb to anoint the body and grieve. The disciples were slumbering in confusion created by the cross. That Sunday morning opened a door out of the mundane into the world of forgiveness with little warning.

So maybe you are like me. This week has not felt like anything special. I think that is just fine. God still did his mighty work in Jesus. The events of this week are extraordinary, no matter how I feel about them. Who knows, maybe in the middle of my seemingly average week, God will break in and do something special in my life. He frequently comes at unexpected moments. Suddenly our feelings change, and the world seems different.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I sincerely hope it is filled with joy. More than anything I want you to anchor your life to the message of the cross and the empty tomb, even when you don’t feel like it. And who knows what God may do this weekend if we open our life up to him.

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