Weekend Reading

I know this weekend will be busy for many people. Churches will have special programs to fill any time that is not spent with family and friends. If you do have a few spare minutes, here are some of the best articles I have read lately. Lots of good stuff. I hope you enjoy them and have a blessed Easter weekend.


No, Easter Isn’t Pagan, Either An interesting and thought-provoking article about the true history of the word Easter.

How the Resurrection Reshapes Success and Regret

Why are There no Chairs inside the Tabernacle? – interesting little observation on the work of a priest.

Why Before-After Testimonies Aren’t the Only Ones That Matter

The Simple Reason Why So Many Christians are Miserable

ON BEING A MILLENNIAL PASTOR – LEADERS WHO DON’T REMEMBER THE GLORY DAYS – A fascinating read for Church leaders young and old.

oh father, where art thou – an interesting post on the role of the father in faith with a side note for parents of autistic children.

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