The Day After the Resurrection of Jesus

Yesterday the Church celebrated Resurrection Sunday, also called Easter. It is a big day for believers as we focus our attention on the work of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection on Sunday morning. There are special programs, and even many non-believers will show an interest in spiritual things for one day.

The stories found in the gospel accounts give us lengthy reports of that Sunday. The grave is empty, and angels appear. Jesus speaks with Mary Magdalene in the garden by the tomb. Two travelers on the road to Emmaus have an encounter that takes most of the afternoon. Jesus himself appears to the disciples that night minus Thomas and Judas. That Sunday is full of people spending time with the resurrected Jesus in amazement and disbelief.

Then comes Monday morning. Do you realize we have no account of Jesus doing anything on Monday? In fact, the next story we are told in the writing of John is one week later when Jesus appears to the disciples with Thomas present this time. For the next six days after the original account, we have no stories of anything happening. We have no idea where Jesus went for those days or what he did while he was there.

I sometimes wonder if this is a strategic move by Jesus. He knows people will be caught up in the excitement of the resurrection, but they will need a week to process the implications. There must be time for questions to develop and ideas to solidify in their minds.

1. If the resurrection of Jesus is real, is this the most significant event in history?

2. If Jesus is alive and death is defeated, what does that mean for us?

3. If Jesus defeated death, how are we to approach death as his follower? Maybe a better question is about how we should approach life.

4. If Jesus death paid for our sins, how should our forgiveness change us?

5. If Jesus is alive, nothing can defeat his work and mission, so maybe I should join his cause.

Maybe the thoughts get real practical. If Jesus is alive again, then how are we supposed to approach our work, parents, spouse, children, and even our free time? If Jesus was indeed dead and now is alive again, then everything in the world has changed. As a follower of Jesus, I have numerous things to process about my life and actions.

Perhaps Jesus gives people space to work out the meaning of his resurrection for their own life. Maybe that is where you find yourself today, or quite possibly you should be there. Today is a good day to ask yourself a fundamental question. How should my life be different if Jesus was raised from the dead?

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