Revive Us Again

It is one of my favorite old hymns. The title of the song is actually “We Praise Thee, O God,” but is better known as “Revive Us Again.” I have sung those words since I was a child. They received a special meaning for me when my mother told me that it was the only song my grandfather would ever sing.

Revival is a needed part of religion. There is this tendency for us to slide into complacency. Recently a couple started missing from Church. Our leadership contacted them to make sure everything was okay. They responded that all was fine, they missed a Sunday or two for illness, then they got busy playing catch-up and suddenly three months had passed. Without noticing they drifted away from faith without something to give it a quick recharge.

Churches used to hold annual revival meetings. A preacher was brought into the Church from somewhere far away, and he challenged and encouraged the congregation for a week or two. Usually, a new excitement was generated, and that light would carry the people through another year.

Over the years, revivals lost their appeal, and people looked to regain their spark at conferences and retreats. Once a year people will gather as a nation or region to hear someone preach a few messages to spark their spiritual life. Lately, even these have been losing their appeal, and only a handful generate much of a crowd.

Despite all our pushback, there is still a need for us to experience revival. Maybe it is a good thing that we moved away from an annual revival of any form because we need it more than once a year. It is something all of us regularly need in our faith.

So what is there in your life that is able to “revive you again?”

I would encourage you to find something that will reignite your passion for Jesus. Maybe it is a conference, or perhaps it a quiet retreat alone. Maybe it is a good book that can stretch your faith, or perhaps it is music that can soothe your soul. Each week I lead a worship program to help people in their walk of faith, sometimes I slip away to a Saturday night program at another Church so worship without interruption. It revives me and keeps me connected to Jesus in a deep and meaningful way.

What does it for you? You need to discover what revives you or you will slowly drift in your faith. That slide is always away from Jesus and not toward him.

My prayer for you this weekend is that God will “Revive Us Again.” I also hope you will find something that revives you so that you can make it a lifetime following Jesus.

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