A Call to Action

Very few people need more advice. Since the creation of the internet, there has been no shortage of suggestions on how to live. A Google search will reveal hundreds of ideas, opinions and “life hacks” to help you in every way. Some are grounded in solid biblical teaching, and others are based on experience. There is a massive amount of information available, and a lot of it is good stuff.

You do not need more advice. What you probably need is action. Doing what you know you need to do is difficult.

1. Actions flow from a specific plan. You do not drift your way into a better life. No one accidentally gets up early and starts exercising. I have never met anyone who just happened to start reading their bible one day and grew in their faith. The people I know who have a deep spiritual life have a set time they get up, a place they read and a way they pray. They have a specific plan of action that produces results. You can apply this to your physical body, your spiritual life, your marriage or just about any area that needs improvement.

2. Actions take the strength of will. Unfortunately, no one can give this to you. Many times, this is born out of desperation. When life hits rock bottom, it is easy to see that we need to change. The motivation level is high when everything is falling apart. The good news is that you do not have to wait that long to start to change. The bad news is that it will require you to find a self-motivation to do what is necessary.

3. Actions require patience. One trip to the gym has no results other than making you tired and sore. One day of reading your Bible will usually not result in life change. One trip to a counselor or one visit with the pastor will not heal your marriage. Health and holiness are only achieved by doing the same thing day after day and week after week.

4. Actions might require a coach. My boys and I were watching a special about Kevin Durant. He is one of the best players in basketball and yet he has a personal coach. In the offseason, he pays a man to push him to be a better player. The point was clear, no matter what level of expertise you think you have achieved there is always room for improvement, but you may need someone else to help you. This is true in every arena of life. You might need a mentor or a friend to help you see your weaknesses. You might need a pastor or teacher to help you grow. If you are serious about improving as a person, you will need help.

Some blogs I write are to challenge people in their thinking. Some are written to encourage people on their Christian walk. Today, my words are a call to action. Your life may be stuck in one place, and it is time to stop complaining or contemplating. Today is the time to get busy.

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