The Summary of Your Life

I am heading out this morning to perform a funeral service for a family. This always proves to be an interesting and awkward time. Usually, these feelings revolve around one question asked to the family, “What would you like me to say about this person’s life?”

How would you want your life to be summarized?

Let’s face it, if the Lord delays his return, that question is going to be asked of all of us.

Do you want to be known as the busy person? Do you want to have the adoration of your children? Do you have some project that reflects what is most important to you? What do you want to be said about you?

The good news, if you are not happy with what you think people will say about you, then you still have time to change it. You can be more loving, kind, forgiving, gracious, helpful, and faithful. You can be an exceptional parent or husband or child that you have longed to become.

The second awkward question is actually the biggest one. I will ask, “Did they have any belief or faith in their life?” Sometimes I am just greeted with blank stares. The number one response is something like, “They may not have gone to Church, but I know they had a belief in God.” Which usually means, despite all evidence to the contrary, I want them to be in heaven.

I frequently encourage people with these words. “Live your life in such a way that no one has to guess where you are spending eternity.” My friend says it more bluntly. He says, “Live in such a way that no one has to lie at your funeral.”

A day is coming in which you will leave this life and enter eternity. I hope it takes a long time for that day to come, but it will happen, there is no avoiding it. On that day, what will people say about you? You have the chance to shape their words starting today.

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