Stop Making Excuses

We hear them all the time. An excuse is an attempt to lessen the blame on ourselves and shift it toward something else. The problem was caused by someone else. If things had been just right, I have succeeded. Honestly, I am the victim here. I had the best of intentions, and something stood in my way.

When I was in sixth grade, my teacher Mr. Grimes walked to the chalkboard on the first day and wrote the word “RESPONSIBILITY” in all capital letters. He said something like this, “Next year you are heading off to the Jr. & Sr. High School (held in a different building miles away from the elementary school) and the difference between there and here is this one word.” He continued to say that his goal for the year was to teach us to be responsible. As a result, he drew a hard-line about due dates and late work. Some students received failing grades, despite their protests to him and the principle. There were repeated discipline issues that were handled by Mr. Grimes. He was a hard nose teacher who forced us to learn and move forward into adulthood.

In life, I discovered he was right about the difference between being an adult and remaining a child is responsibility. The willingness to accept total responsibility for my actions is a sign of maturity.

What is true in life is also true in your spiritual life. You are in this place spiritually because of your own actions. Sure, God was involved in leading and prompting you to move. But you chose your course of action along with your reactions to what God presented.

One of the most significant steps to becoming a mature and fully devoted follower of Jesus is to stop making excuses. Your parents, your health, your job, your finances, your children and anything else are not holding you back. The only thing keeping you from growing is your lack of willingness to accept responsibility.

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