Listening to Negative Voices

Recently I noticed a dramatic change in a person I know. I asked a couple of other people if they had seen the difference in this individual too. They confirmed my observation and echoed their joy over this new attitude.

Once we agreed on this transformation, the follow-up question involved what had changed in their life. Out of a list of several possibilities, the one thing everyone could confirm was the impact of another person who was no longer a part of their life. The negative attitude was the result of one dissenting voice which continually spoke into his life.

This story made me think about the impact of the negative voices in all our lives. Here are five negative voices that can drag you down with their words.

1. The Angry Person – Some people are always mad. Their anger is spurred by everything and anything. They spew their rage on other people and expect them to feel the same way.

2. The Complainer – Some people can find something wrong in everything. They see the glass as half empty. The make sure everyone knows they are not happy.

3. The Critic – The critic knows how everything should be done. They see the good, but they can also point out all the flaws in anything. They rarely act but know they could have done it better.

4. The Gossip – The gossip loves to share stories about other people’s lives, especially if they are ones of failure and mistakes. The feed other people stories with a steady diet of poor choices and defeats. They make sure everyone knows that failure is inevitable.

5. The Manipulator – These people have an agenda of their own, and so they begin to undermine anyone who stands in their way. They ask seemingly simple questions that created an environment of mistrust. They are only happy if you are promoting their cause and plan.

Quite often we encounter people who have a negative attitude not just because of their own feelings, but because of the voices that are speaking into their life.

Which leads me to some significant questions: What voices are speaking into your life? Whose words hold the most value to you? Where are you receiving the most information?

Is it possible that your life has a negative tone because of the voices that you listen to each day? One part of Godly wisdom is knowing who has the right to speak into your life.

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