It’s Time to Thrive

One of the songs we sing at Adrian Christian Church is called “Thrive.” I originally heard the song in 2014 as performed by the band Casting Crowns. Personally, it is a favorite song of mine. It has become a theme song to my life and ministry through words like “Just to know you and to make you known.” The chorus hits another nerve as it proudly declares, “It’s time for us to more than just survive, we were made to thrive.”

I have now been the preaching minister at ACC for 1,460 days. So far, we have had a good run together as a community of Jesus. We have seen both numerical growth and spiritual growth. We have shared the ups and downs of ministry as we served alongside each other in the name of Jesus. Lives have been changed, and viewpoints have been shaped.

Yet, I still feel like we are standing on the edge of something bigger and better. In my previous ministries, I have seen that this is the time for a minor shift. People begin to view me as part of the community, and their trust in me grows. Everyone has recovered from past hurts and can now focus on the future. New dreams form and God moves as only he can. In the words of the song, “It is time for us to more than just to survive,” now is the time to thrive.

As I stare out my office window, I look forward to the next 1,460 days.

I am praying God will bring 100 people to Jesus in that time. I am asking God about the possibility of multiple campuses. I am hoping to build a connection with areas ministries and ministers. I want us to become an integral part of a worldwide mission. I look forward to watching people grow in their faith as they live for him in new and exciting ways.

The past is done, and I am thankful for everyone who has helped me on this journey. Now is a new day and I believe it is time to thrive.

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