The Choice is Yours

This week our nation celebrated its freedom with Independence Day. The people of our country have a tremendous amount of freedom to choose the direction of their lives. As a follower of Jesus, we have a responsibility to pick from our options in a way that honors God.

Let me offer you a few thoughts about our choices.

When given a choice between love or hate: Choose love.

When given a choice between showing kindness or not getting involved: Show compassion.

When given a choice between assuming the best or the worst in people: See the best.

When given a choice to feel happy or sad: Pick happiness.

When you have the options of responding with anger or forbearance: Exercise self-control.

If you ever the opportunity to act like Jesus or satisfy your flesh: Walk the way of Christ.

You have within yourself the power to choose the direction you walk, the attitude you display and the way you will respond to others. Choose wisely.

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