More Weekend Reading

With the fourth of July happening this week I know many of you are on vacation or enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few good articles for you to read when you have the time or on a rainy day. Enjoy.

OUR CHILDREN’S BUSYNESS IS NOT A BADGE OF HONOUR (AND WHY WE NEED TO CHANGE IT) – A great read. This is a topic of which I feel strongly. Starting September with a sermon series called “Crazy Busy.”

A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian – Another great post with good thoughts for children and their parents.

Hey, Boomers! Let’s Step Up And Be The Elders The Church Desperately Needs Right Now – title says it all.

#StuffChurchpeopleSay: The Funniest Sermon Responses – I found some of these to be funny/sad. This is why I no longer stand by the door after the sermon.

Four Resolutions Every Christian Must Make about Our Phones – Simple wise counsel.

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