I Hope This Helps

Most Monday mornings I sit down in front of a blank screen and wonder to myself, “Why do I keep writing?” Maybe that is because most Monday’s I start tired and must work to get my brain going full throttle again.

Sunday’s are my big day. I preach and help lead worship in my local Church. I meet with people and pour out my life. The rest of the day I try to do busy work that requires little thought. I spend my time bring closure to the previous week and preparing for the coming one.

Then comes Monday morning. I sit down in front of the computer. My brain feels blank, and I am sure that this is the week I will quit writing. “I’ll take just a little break,” I tell myself.

Finally, I remind myself of a personal commitment I made years ago to keep writing, even when I didn’t feel like it. There is only one reason I made that decision. I keep typing every week in the hopes that I will help somebody. I hope that what I post each day will inspire or encourage someone in their faith. I hope that my words will bring clarity and insight to people searching for answers. I pray that these simple blogs will touch the life of someone in a meaningful way. I write because I want to help people on their spiritual journey.

God gifts certain people in specific ways. Some people can preach and teach while other can write. He gives some people leadership skills and other talents to play music. There is a long list of special abilities that God gives to his people.

We also live in a world full of tools. We have at our disposal things like computers and the internet. We have blogs, Instagram, and social media. There are opportunities all around us to use our lives for good.

I am certainly not the best writer in the world. I don’t have the most significant following by size or influence. My platform is small. Yet, I want to offer something that is helpful to the world. If only one person is influenced for Jesus through my blogs, then I think my time is worth it.

So all this begs the question, “How are you using your life?”

You are gifted and talented, and I pray you are using those things for God’s kingdom. Even if you feel unqualified and inexperienced, there are still opportunities for you to help people in the name of Jesus. It is not about what God has given you; it is about what you are giving back to him. For me, I hope what I write helps someone. What are you doing?

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