My Blogging Journey

Over the past year, several people have asked me about my blogging. They want to know how I got started, what have I learned and why do I keep doing it. Today I want to tell you a little about my blogging journey.

Eighteen years ago, I was starting a new Church, and I was looking for ways to reach people using the internet. One article I read shared information on this new area of possibility called weblogs (now just called “blogs”). Several preachers in large Churches were trying it out, and there seemed to be unlimited possibilities for a guy like me to write useful material. At first, I tried my hand at writing a daily devotional. I would post it on a website and create my own blog without anyone’s help. This was fun, but the work was tedious.

Soon after came places like WordPress that offered professional looking sites with easy to use features. I signed up under my name and started the regular habit of writing. The first attempts were longer more humorous pieces somewhat modeled after Robert Fulghum’s writing. Those contained some decent material but had little practical use. They were also difficult to create five days a week while trying to plant a Church.

Phase three of my blog was really directed at the Church I was serving. It was more of a journal of the events happening in our little community of faith with my commentary added. During those days I would often post six or seven days a week. The popularity of blogs was growing, and most days I had 400 hits or more.

When I left my Church plant, I was exhausted. I took some sabbatical time and spent several months in reflection. I quit blogging and took a break that was only going to last a few months and ended up being two full years. During this time, I gave up my old blog and lost over eighty percent of what I had written. It was a mistake I regret, but I was able to start with a clean slate.

At one point, I was a preacher in Alaska and was learning so much about life there that I wanted to share with people. I was also feeling a tremendous burden for those who were far away from God. I relaunched my new blog with a double emphasis on second chances with God especially for people in Alaska.

One more move in ministry changed my writing again. Going from Alaska to Missouri removed part of my mission, but it opened new opportunities to speak to fun topics. The past few years I try to write four to five days a week. I try to focus on anything that will help people in their walk of faith. Right now, I have about 50 readers every day on email and another 25 who visit my blog page. Several of those people have told me they visit once a week and read everything instead of stopping by daily. I am blessed to have numerous people who read these words I write.

This whole experience has taught me several lessons about life, ministry, and writing. The biggest thrill I get from blogging is the chance I get to help people, quite often from all over the world. I have discovered that something I wrote years ago is still helping people today. Through the years, many things have changed about the way I write, but I find it to be a joy most days to post something.

My encouragement to everyone is for them to find their voice. Who are YOU and what do YOU have to share with the world? Your words may come in teaching, music, poetry, leading children, writing, or numerous other ways. What has God put inside of you that might touch the life of another believer? The internet is full of people typing their thoughts and ideas, but you have the words that only you can provide.

These are my words, and I thank you for stopping and reading.

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