You Never Know with God

There is no way of predicting when God will show up.

Recently I listened to a man tell me about an encounter that led his father to faith in Jesus. It was a chance meeting that changed the trajectory of his dad’s life. Then there was the lady who had a stranger walk up and question her bruises. That chance conversation changed her life forever. Each one appeared to be an ordinary moment when God showed up and transformed it into a divine appointment.

I have seen this in my own ministry. The sermons that I felt were total failures were later described as having the most impact. Conversations in which I thought I failed to speak the truth plainly and accurately end up touching someone deeply in unexpected ways. The hour I was sure nothing significant happened proved to be the time lives were altered through the power of God.

You just never know when God will show up and change everything you think will happen.

Never underestimate the power of saying something for Jesus.

Never downplay the impact of one random act of kindness.

Never forget that one minute of service in the name of Jesus can send a ripple through eternity.

Every chance meeting can be a moment where God breaks into the world and does something extraordinary. Today might be the day God shows up in your life.

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