You Should Be a Part of It

I slumped back into my chair exhausted on Sunday night. Then I repeated it on Monday and Tuesday. Just for fun, I did it again on Wednesday and Thursday. Every day this week has ended with that completely worn out feeling that accompanies a Church Vacation Bible School (VBS) program.

This week almost 65 volunteers helped to share the message of Jesus with about 140 kids each night. Many of the people worked all day and then came to the Church to donate another three or four hours. Other volunteers are retired, and they took their time to come in early to start preparing for the children hours before they arrived. Everyone gave of themselves for the sole purpose of making this a great week for our young people in the name of Jesus.

It is awe inspiring watching those little lives singing and shouting their praises to Jesus. There is a joy in watching these kids grow in their knowledge of Jesus over the course of the week. It is encouraging to see the other workers donate their time with kindness and love for children, many of whom they do not know. The sight of people serving and learning in the name of their Savior is a blessing that will last beyond these few evenings.

This week has been exhausting, but it is a good type of exhaustion. It is the kind that comes with doing something meaningful. It satisfies the soul with a sense of purpose. It touches the heart with unspeakable joy. It fills the mind with good thoughts. It is hard to completely describe the thoughts and feelings that come after a week like this. It happens at VBS, but also at Church camp, mission trips and retreats for teens. These types of events are special. They leave a residue on your soul that can never wash off.

I hope you didn’t miss it. If you did, know that you should be a part of the next one.

The giving of yourself on behalf of others is exhausting, and it is the best feeling in the world.

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