Partnering with God in Your Life

God is trying to do something wonderfully unique in your life.

I believe God wants to make you into the very best version of yourself. He wants to transform you into the likeness of his son Jesus. He wants you to think and act like him in every situation.

Imagine taking your life: all your family background, your personal experiences, your personality, your quirks and idiosyncrasies, your heart and mind, and using them for God.

I believe that is what God wants to do with your life.

What is holding him back? YOU.

I am convinced God does not want a bunch of preprogrammed robots to serve him. Instead, he gives us free will. The choice not to follow him is what makes the opposite decision to love him so compelling. Each one of us can choose to partner with what God wants to do in our life, or we can choose to develop our own plan. We can love and serve him, or we can walk away to serve ourselves.

The God of the universe wants to partner with you in the transformation of your life. That revolution will then change your family, your church, your community, and the world.

Today God is quietly nudging you to walk a different path. This might come through a passage of scripture, through a book, by the words of a friend, or possibly just the voice of your conscience before you act. He might be reaching out to you in an unexpected email or text. He might even come through a sparked memory of something from years ago. The knock on your heart could come from the words of a blog. There are literally hundreds of ways that God might be trying to move you a new direction. Will you follow him and see where this journey leads or will you ignore his prompting?

Today you can partner with God and watch where your life goes. The choice is yours.

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