The Grace of Nothing Spectacular

I do not want to reduce the grace of God. I believe the goodness of God is amazing beyond words. In fact, I think it sometimes happens in ways that we might not even notice.

Recently, I was walking up the boat ramp after a day of fishing. A couple of guys pulled up in their truck to get their boat ready. Suddenly a pit bull jumps out of the truck and charges at me. To be honest, as it growled and barked while running at me, I screamed like a little girl. The dog jumped up and put its mouth on my arm, and for some unknown reason, it never bit down. My arm had some slobber and one scratch from a tooth. The owners pulled the dog away, and it circled the truck and came at me again. Once again, I screamed and knew that this time he meant business. The dog jumped at me and then backed away. The owners finally secured the dog, and I walked to my truck breathing heavy and questioning my manhood.

When I arrived at my vehicle, I climbed inside with a combination of unbelief, anger, and fear. Then my emotions let loose, and I said out loud, “Thank you, Lord.” That situation could have gone much worse, but nothing spectacular happened.

Suddenly my mind went back through a photo album of close calls. The time a semi almost hit my vehicle when my kids were little. The time I was in a terrible storm on Lake Erie, and I was sure I was going to drown. Hundreds of moments when my life could have been turned upside down and yet nothing happened.

I have no explanation for these events other than the goodness of God. Some might call it luck or fate or Karma or some different mystical label. I call them grace. God’s unmerited favor in my life. Sometimes I think he even allows these incidents to remind me of how good things are for me.

My life and yours is the product of numerous factors, but don’t forget the grace of God that occurs when nothing happens.

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