You Will Want This Day Back

One day you will want the hours of this day back to relive over.

You may not want this specific day, but at least you will want one like it.

One day your kids will be grown, and you will wish they were little again.
One day your children will leave home, and you will wish they were still with you.
One day your parents will be gone, and you will long for one more conversation.
One day you will lose someone you love unexpectedly, and you would give anything for a few more hours.
One day that friend will drift away, and you will miss the good times you had together.
One day your eyes will blur, and you will wish you had read and written more.
One day your grandchildren will grow up, and you will miss the fun of youth.
One day your health will fail and will dream of all the things you once did.
One day everything you have today will be gone, and you will feel the sadness of loss.

What do you do when this realization hits you? There is no sense in worrying about it. Jesus tells us that no one can add even a single hour to his life by worrying. It doesn’t help to make big plans. The Bible writer James reminds us that our life is a mist that is here and then gone.

The only thing we can do it enjoy it. We are to spend each day savoring the moments. We are to use our time wisely as the days go by. There is a need to take our time and linger in the precious present of these hours.

You may want this day to fly by so that you can get on to the next thing. I am telling you now, one day you will want this day back. Why not use this time to do something you will be thankful for long into the future?

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