Attending Versus Participating in a Church Community

Each week hundreds of people attend the Church I lead. One of my goals for them is to move from a person who attends Church to a connected part of a community of faith. I long to see people become a part of the family of God.

Lately, I have started to notice the difference between attendees versus active participants who are connected to one another.

An attendee walks through the door with an eye of judgment. A connected person arrives with a heart of joy and love.

An attendee will be critical of a mistake on the stage during worship. A connected person will be encouraged that someone used their gifts on behalf of the community.

An attendee will listen to prayer requests for the latest piece of gossip. A connected person will add their hurting brother or sister to their prayer list.

An attendee will be annoyed by people who disrupt their morning with issues. A connected person will see the actions of others as a chance to help them on their journey with God.

An attendee listens to the sermon as a consumer, rating the message like the latest movie. A connected person hears God trying to lead them through their preacher.

An attendee comes to get. A connected person comes to give.

An attendee will find a legitimate reason not to come back next week. A connected person will see reasons to return.

An attendee must tell people they are a part of a Church. A connected person shares their community as an extension of their life.

Somewhere on the journey of faith people cross a threshold. I am not exactly sure where that doorway lies, but at some point, people move from being attendees to connected members. When they crossover I notice a difference in their approach to Church.

Where are you on this journey? What would it take for you to become a vital part of the family of God in your area?

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