Sometimes the Truth is Hard

I think they are mad at me. They would probably tell people how unkind and mean I was with my words. I am sure they chalk it up to another unkind Christian who likes to make people feel bad.

What had I done to be labeled as a bully Christian?

I told them the truth.

I tried to speak the truth in love. I wanted them to change the way they were living. I wanted them to know that I cared about their eternal soul. Instead, my words were lost because they did not affirm the life they were living. They wanted approval above the truth.

The writers of the scripture pull no punches. They tell us that we are sinners and all our righteousness is as filthy rags. The prophets spoke directly to the people of God about their idolatry. Jesus confronted the religious leaders in their hypocrisy. He called them whitewashed tombs. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, but it is necessary to live in reality instead of the world created by our own imagination.

Imagine going to a doctor, and he finds cancer in your body. Do you want him to tell you the truth, even though it will be hard to handle? Do you want him to give you proper treatment even if it hurts for a time? Or do you want him to be a nice guy and avoid the truth? Do you want him to affirm your lifestyle and act like everything is okay? Do you want the truth, or should he avoid it to make you feel good?

I am not saying he needs to be a jerk any more than I need to be one. There is such a thing as tact and decorum. We still need to understand that the truth does not always seem kind.

Honestly, I am okay if they hate me. I have nothing for which to apologize. I spoke the truth to the best of my ability, and I hope and pray they hear my heart behind the words. I dream that one day they will thank me for what I said. Until that day comes, I will continue to speak the truth where it needs to be said, and I hope you will do the same to me.

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