Saying the Amen

You might use the word every day. If you attend Church, I know you hear it every week. It is a word that I have repeated thousands upon thousands of time. AMEN.

We say at the end of prayers. My dad used to say it out loud when he heard something in a sermon with which he agreed. I knew a preacher who would say something he thought was profound and he would then ask, “Can I get an amen?”

Amen is a word that pervades the Christian life. On any given Sunday it will be repeated dozens of times, and yet I wonder if we know what it means. The basic translation of the word is “so be it.” When used at the end of a prayer it is a declaration that I want what I just said to happen, but if it does not, I will accept what God desires. It is the affirmation the God is in control, and we will allow him to work in our requests.

Jesus uses the word, but never at the end of a sentence. We lose this in our English translation of the Bible. The translators have Jesus saying “Truly, Truly” or Verily, Verily” at the beginning of several statements. The best translation of the words is “Amen and Amen.” Jesus does not ask God and says, so let it be. Instead, he speaks as God and says, “This is how it is going to be.” His words come from a place of authority instead of a request.

No matter how it is used the basic understand remains the say. When we say “amen” we agree with God’s leadership. We are submitting ourselves to his power and his will as revealed through Jesus. It may be a common word, but it still has application. Every time we utter the word amen we are aligning ourselves with God.

I hope that the next time you say it, you comprehend what you are saying. More than that, I hope you know what it means, and so you say it regularly. May your life be lived with a hearty amen in all that you do.

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