True Spiritual Grit

There are a few movies that I watched with my father more times than I can recall. Some of them we viewed so many times we both knew all the lines by heart. The Outlaw Josey Wales, Lethal Weapon and True Grit are three of our favorites. I am not talking about the remake of True Grit a few years ago, but the original John Wayne movie. There was a look of joy that went over my dad’s face when The Duke takes the reigns of the horse in his mouth and the two rifles in his hands. In my mind, it is truly one of the greatest movie scenes of all time.

If you have seen the movie, you know that Mattie Ross wants to catch her father’s killer. She is searching for a man to help her, and that leads her to Rooster Cogburn. He is described as a man with grit. That is defined as a person with courage and resolve along with a strength of character. While he has his flaws, he has a resolve that cannot be defeated.

Some days I feel like Mattie as I am continually searching for people with grit. I would love to find some people with true spiritual grit. People who have courage in the face of evil. People with a strength of character when adversity comes their way.

While I believe the Christian life is filled with joy, it is also filled with its share of struggles. There will be people who let you down. There will be days when your good work seems to make no difference. There will be moments when you feel all alone in your convictions. To remain faithful in your spiritual life takes grit.

Some days the only thing you can do is hold onto your faith with the reigns in your mouth and come out with both guns blazing against the evil that is trying to bring you down. I frequently need to be reminded of this on a Monday. Every weekend is full of joy and disappointment and to make it through another week it is going to take true grit.

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