Why I Still Blog

Every time that I take a short break from blogging, I have this internal discussion about whether I should return to it. It takes about an hour every day to come up with an idea, type it, proofread it and publish it. Most days only about 60 people read what I write, so is it worth the time?

Here is why I returned this time and will keep doing so in the future.

1. I Enjoy Writing. If I could make a living as a writer, I would do it. I enjoy capturing thoughts and thinking of phrases. My creative writing teachers in high school and college would probably not believe this to be true since I was such a terrible student back then. Now I enjoy spending the time writing, even if I am not the best at it.

2. It Truly is Like a Journal. When I wrote my first blog years ago, I started to tell people about it, and the most common response was, “I don’t want to read your journal.” A few were nastier in their attitude and stated, “I don’t care about your diary.” I tried to explain blogging to them, and they were hostile no matter how much further explanation I provided. Now, as I look back over the years, I can see that in many ways this has been a journal or diary of sorts. It has been a way to record my thoughts at the time, to preserve experiences and to work out my thinking. Many of these posts gave way to sermons, series, and lessons.

3. It is Timeless. Every year the posts that attract the most attention are ones I wrote long ago. I wrote one about a family in Alaska and one about a pastor’s Christmas card that is viewed hundreds of time each year. They were momentary reflections that have been viewed and used over and over.

4. I Hope to Help People. I live with the dream that one of my posts will prove truly helpful to at least one person. I hope that my writing can impact one life for the kingdom of God. If that happens, then I will be satisfied. A blog is free, and my only investment is time. I want to use this incredible resource to help people in my congregation and Christians all over the world.

Finally, I want to say, “Thank You” for reading. This is the sixth year of my blog, and by Thanksgiving, this will be my best year ever. Every year I have had more visitors than the year before as I keep posting whatever God lies on my heart. Thanks for reading, and even if you quit, I will probably keep writing.

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