Weekend Mind Dump

In the very early days of the first blog I wrote almost 15 years ago, I would have a weekly “mind dump.” I would take one post a week and share anywhere from five to fifty things that were on my mind. While I haven’t done that in much in the last few years, today I want to clear up my writing file and my head with a little mind dump. These are incomplete thoughts swirling around my mind that are not enough to fill a full post, but together they will make one.

1. Judgmental people will eventually judge you.

2. Recently I was watching the TV Show Parks and Rec when I heard Ron Swanson say something about a guy named Justin. I took note and googled the quote:
“He’s a tourist. He vacations in people’s lives takes pictures, puts them in his scrapbook, and moves on. All he’s interested in are stories. Basically, he’s selfish.”

3. Have you ever had a complete conversation/argument in your head before you talk to a person? Then you talk to them and find out that all your thoughts, ideas and assumptions were wrong? Yeah, me neither.

4. It amazes me the number of times the Bible talks about false teachers and their teaching. Within the first 100 years of the Church, people were already distorting the gospel for various reasons, while the apostles were still alive. Guarding against false teaching is always important.

5. Christianity touches on every aspect of life. It is not a singular discipline. It touches on philosophy, psychology, science, politics, compassion, ethics, spiritualism and world religions. One failure within the Church is that it is hard to teach about all these equally well.

6. Maybe the problem is spiritual. Recently I have read of all kinds of evil going on in the world right near me from bullying, suicide, addiction, to abuse. Most people speak of these in terms of problems but rarely do they talk about the condition of the heart and soul behind them. When we divorce ourselves from God and spiritual life we are left with good intentions and failure.

7. My heart is breaking for our teenagers. They have little connection to God and parents who don’t care.

8. There is a difference between good work and God’s work. God’s work is always good, but good work is not always Godly. In fact, I fear that good works can keep us from God because we think we are good enough without Jesus.

9. Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

10. I now subscribe to 153 blogs on my blog reader called Feedly. Monday through Friday I receive 75-100 new posts. I read about ten a day entirely and skim another ten. Part of learning is digesting the right material. Maybe this post had something for you or perhaps not. Either way, thanks for reading and have a good weekend.

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