Saying the Same Thing Over and Over

Every night I tell my boys, “I love you.” Whenever my children leave the house, I tell them, “Make good choices.” My wife or I will state again, “Be careful.” Before any sports activity, I will say, “Have fun and do your best.”

The list of things I say over and over is long and relatively basic. Why do I do it? Why do most parents say the same things time and time again? We do it because we want to make sure this one concept is seen as important, so much so, that it becomes second nature. I want my family to have no doubts about how I feel toward them. I want my children to enjoy life and the things they do in a positive way. I repeat myself, so they never forget.

If this is true, then how many times should we talk to our children about God? How many times should we read the Bible with them? How many times do our children need to hear those stories repeated and taught?

When we repeat the same things over and over, sure there is a possibility that our words will be lost in the noise of life, but that is precisely why we repeat them. They do not get the significance of my words with one hearing.

I hope that when my children think of their father, they say, “I have no doubt that he loved me deeply.” I also hope that when my children think of their heavenly father, they have no doubt that he loves them too.

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