Forced to Rest

You might not know it by looking at me, but my days are usually full of activity from morning till night. I am not busy rushing through life with no purpose or direction. Rather I fill my time with things that bring me joy when I am not working. I love to fish, hunt, metal detect, coin collect, look for shed antlers and be outside every spare minute. Fortunately, I married a woman who also loves to keep active and especially be outside in some way.

Then weeks like this one hit. This week there has been ice, rain, and cold in my region of the country. School was canceled for several days, and travel was not advised. Because of modern technology I was still able to work on my blog, youth lesson, and sermon for Sunday at home. Beyond that, there has not been too much to do.

This week I have been forced to rest. I have sat quietly inside without rushing to do anything. I honestly believe weeks like this are God’s gift to the world and me. Quite possibly it is his gift to you. Maybe this week God is reminding you that he runs the world. You can take some downtime, and nothing significant will be lost. You can miss some school and the activities associated with it, and your world will not stop. When this break is over, and things return to normal, there will have been nothing missed or lasting importance.

When this break is done, you and I will be rested, and our life will be better for the downtime. I fear that we will jump back into everything the fills every minute without taking time to reflect. Sometimes God forces us to rest and hopefully it helps us to see what our priorities should be because of who runs the world. If you miss it, then these are just lost days. If you learn from them, then this time is more beneficial than any activities you missed.

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