Trusting God in Everything

A life of faith is about trusting God in everything. I keep saying that word, “everything,” over and over in my head. It seems natural to trust God in big things. I believe God will handle my sin, my eternity and any issue bigger than my control. My prayers reflect my trust in God during seasons that involve words like cancer, heart attack, stroke, and disease. The continue plea for his healing is ever on my lips. There are dark nights that come with these issues, but my faith leans into God when everything is beyond my control anyway.

I am finding faith to be more challenging to maintain in the daily details of life. I am not sure I trust God when I know I would have handled everything differently. Take yesterday for example. It was a Sunday morning, and God should have wanted his people to be gathered into community to worship him. God should have wanted his followers to worship, serve and listen to his word explained. God should have wanted our Church to meet yesterday.

Instead, I woke up yesterday to more ice. This is the third or fourth round of ice and freezing rain we have received lately. School has been canceled for several days and getting out of the house has been difficult. Sunday morning was greeted more ice, and I spent the morning calling the Church staff and texting with my leadership before we decided to cancel our worship program.

I will be honest with you; if I were running the world, it never would have happened. The ice would have melted on Saturday and the next day would have been beautiful with a large group of people gathered in worship. For me, a Sunday off is greeted with mixed emotions. Preaching is not only what I get paid to do, but it is also something I enjoy doing each week. I love explaining God’s word and making spiritual connections. I hate not meeting to share what God is lying on my heart. Then comes the planning issues. I spend hours and days planning the future for our group. Now I must go back and rethink everything. This one morning off throws a monkey wrench in all my plans.

At moments like this, I set in my office frustrated on Monday morning. What gets cut? What gets moved? What gets changed? One day off will take a week to clean up. Why would God do this not only to me but every other Church in our area? I don’t get what God is doing.

Then I bow my head and remind myself that God is greater than I am. He has a plan. He wants to see his word communicated more than I do. He is doing things that I may never understand on this side of heaven. I am reminded today that faith is not just about the cross and heaven, it is also about the little things. Faith is trusting God daily in everything. It believes he will accomplish his will in me and through me even when it doesn’t go like I design.

I really have no idea what the ice yesterday will do to my ministry, but I know God will use it for his good. Whatever headaches we as believers encounter is usually God’s way of doing something bigger than us. I am glad to serve a God who is present in the details even when they are beyond my immediate understanding.

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