Celebrating the Resurrection this Weekend

Last weekend was the holiday formally known as Easter. It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead as a Church body.

Several years ago, a person asked me, “If the resurrection is so important, why do we only think about it once a year?”

My response to them was that the Church focuses on the resurrection every week. The followers of Jesus meet every Sunday morning because that was the day Jesus rose from the dead. In the Old Testament, people observed the Sabbath which is Saturday. The early Church changed their meeting to the first day of the week to connect their faith specifically to Jesus.

I don’t know whether you were at Church last weekend for the special holiday weekend or not, but we will be celebrating the resurrecting again this weekend. The followers of Jesus will get up on Sunday morning, the first day of the week, and they will connect with other people who follow Jesus in worship. We will sing the praises of God and talk about his will for our lives. While we may not specially refer to Jesus rising from the dead, the very act of gathering is a declaration to the world that he has risen. He has risen indeed.

I hope to see you on Sunday.

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