Praise for the Small Works of God

Yesterday I woke up feeling horrible. My throat hurt, my body ached, and I felt nauseous. Usually, I would call in sick and work when I felt better, but this was Sunday morning. There is really no one to call when you feel unwell on Sunday morning as a Pastor. Generally speaking, no one can whip together a sermon on short notice and speak for me. So, no matter how I felt, I got up and went to the Church building and prepared for worship.

I followed my normal routine and tried my best to keep the sermon clear in my head even while it was spinning. When worship started, I tried singing, but the vocal cords were not going to have it. I coughed, my throat pain increased and felt nervous about standing to speak. In the middle of the worship time, nausea increased, and I was unsure I was going to make it. Then I stood up to speak.

Surprising as it was, I did not feel the least bit sick while I was preaching. I remembered every word from the sermon notes that I wanted to say. I felt strength and the power of the spirit as I taught. In the end, I felt good about how everything came out.

When both programs were over, and two sermons were complete, I was wiped out. I was more exhausted than I had been on Easter. The afternoon held a two-hour nap for me as I tried to regain strength. Despite taking all my energy, the morning was a success for the kingdom of God.

I hesitate to call what happened yesterday morning a miracle. It could be explained as pure focus, adrenaline or just a feat of the human will. For me, there was something more to it. I needed God’s help, and he provided me with exactly what was required.

This is not the first time this has happened in my life. God has shown up for an untold number of sermons, lessons, and conversations in my ministry. Still, every time it amazes me. This time I do not want to let it go by unnoticed. I want to take this moment to encourage you. Whenever you step out on faith in your service to the Lord, I believe God shows up. He gives you the words to say that someone needs to hear. He gives you the strength of spirit to get through stressful moments. He will work through you if you allow him. These experiences might not be the miracles, but they are the small works of God that increase his kingdom on earth through you.

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