For My Son – Third Time is the Charm

Occasionally I post something about my family when we are going through a significant life event. This weekend is one of those times. My third son is graduating from high school as salutatorian. His two older brothers finished third in their class, and Dakota made the top two.

Today I want to write a little bit about my son even though you may not know him or care.

1. He is the Mini-Me. When he was little, I would shave once a year, and the resemblance is uncanny. We have many of the same facial features. The more surprising part is that we saw a picture of my dad when he was 16 in a basketball photo. You would not have been able to tell the two apart. He has the Harris’ face. Not only do we bare a similar look, but we also have the same sense of humor, enjoy the outdoors, like similar music and enjoy public speaking. My wife will also tell you that we are both talkers😊

2. He has a big heart to match his smile. He will never know the number of times I have stood back and watched quietly. Little kids will come up to him, and he will listen, and he will talk to them. I know that sometimes it has been challenging to be helpful, but he always tries to have a kind word. He is friendly and courteous as much as possible.

3. He has stretched every boundary. His mother and I have spent more nights worried about that boy. We have prayed for him and asked God to work on him and in him. I am thankful that the Lord put some Godly men in his life at a dark time to help pull him through. He has already learned the need for grace and goodness of God and other people.

4. He loves to laugh. In fact, it is tough to get him to take things seriously. He gets this from me. We both love to drink deep the joy of life and not get stressed over little things. We have enjoyed movies, TV shows, jokes, inside stories, and memes together. I can always count on my buddy for a laugh.

5. I am very proud of him. I hate the word pride because it implies that I did something well. In reality, God gave me this wonderful little boy to raise. It has been a roller coaster ride for over 18 years, and I am delighted with how he turned out. He will always be our Cuda or Coda bug.

This weekend he graduates, and it will be hard to hold back the tears. I am excited about the next chapter of his life, and I pray every day that God will do something powerful through his life. I know he has great things in store. I want the world to know how much I love my son and the joy this weekend gives me.

I love you Dakota

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