Decompressing From a Long Weekend

The pressure has been on high for the past five days. The family arrived, and we had three new people staying in our house. I delivered a Baccalaureate message on Wednesday night. There was a graduation party at our home complete with a meal. We had to set up and then clean up from the same party. We had worship on Sunday morning which included an emphasis on Mother’s Day. Not only was it Mother’s Day, but it was also my mother’s birthday and graduation Sunday. My son gave the Salutatorian speech, and I am not sure if he or I was more nervous. The evening was spent organizing pictures and finalizing the weekend. Finally this morning some of the family left, and I am back in the office for another week of work.

I sit here this morning semi-exhausted and yet full. It has been a great weekend. My sermon went well, and everyone was complimentary. The party was excellent, and we are blessed to have the love and support of so many wonderful people. His speech went great, and everyone had good things to say. We have numerous pictures that make me smile from my son and my family. It was a weekend full of blessing.

One image has often crossed my mind, “What does an Olympic competitor do the day after the competition is over?” Think about it; you have trained for four years in every way for that one big event, and then it is over. What do they do the next day? Do they rest? Do they cry? Do they go back to the gym?

Today I go back to the gym. I have more sermons to write and another son to lead toward graduation. For a few minutes, I want to linger in my mind and think about the last few days. I am a truly blessed man. I have a loving family with an outstanding wife and good boys. I have a special mother. I am a part of a Church that supports and encourages me. Not only has it been a good weekend, but I have a good life. My friend likes to say, “I am too blessed to complain.”

I don’t have anything special to say today, other than this, be sure to take a few minutes regularly to notice all the positives in your life. The pressure of life is ever present but so are the blessings of God.

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