Spending Time Together

It is Friday morning on the weekend of Memorial Day weekend. Many people, possibly including you, are planning a long weekend with family and friends. Relax, I am not here to throw stones and tell you to be at Church, although I believe your plans should include the people of God. No, I want to encourage you to embrace the time you have with your family.

Over the past couple of weeks, my mother has been visiting, and yesterday we slipped out and went fishing. It was the fourth time in the past two weeks. She enjoys it, and I love taking her. It is a chance for us to spend time together, make some memories, and talk about all of life. I would not trade these days with her for anything in this world.

The single most valuable thing in all the world is time. It is God’s precious gift to us. I think that real love is freely giving someone your time. The gift of our time has no equal.

One of the older couples in a Church I served told me this story. Their grandkids always wanted to come over and spend the weekends with them. They loved and hated it. They had raised their children and some Saturdays and Sundays they wanted a break. One of those weekends, their grandson was hugging grandpa and saying, “I love you.” He asked, “Why do you boys love grandma and grandpa so much?” The little boy said, “Because you have time for us.”

This weekend some of you will get some extra time off. You will use that to connect with other people. It is a great gift and you should not take a minute of it for granted.

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