Exceptions to the Rule

Almost everyone I meet thinks the rules do not apply to them. They are sure they are exceptional, and nothing can stop them. Down deep inside, they do not believe me when I tell them about some simple guidelines to life. These can be biblical principles or practical lessons I have learned through experience.

Here is the reality you need to embrace: you are not the exception to the rule.

God and his word establish the rules of life. They are also the result of watching hundreds of cases repeat the same patterns of behavior.

Let me give you some examples to consider:

Marrying a non-believer is a recipe for a long and challenging marriage or possibly failure.
Many young couples believe that the idea will not apply to them.

Living together before marriage will triple your chances for divorce.
Couples think that they are in love and living together will improve their marriage.

The list could go on and on: People think that skipping Church will not affect their faith. An overemphasis on sports will not affect their family negatively. Being busy is not going to hurt their soul. Their phone is not damaging their relationships with people they love. Drinking all that alcohol will not lead to an addiction.

Sure, the statistics show that these actions frequently cause issues, but we think that we are the exception to the rule.

I am here to tell you the bad news. You are not the exception. I am not trying to destroy your confidence or crush your dreams. I am here to warn you. Picture me standing here waving my arms trying to stop you as you head toward inevitable disaster. Some things in your life you might not be able to change but there are certain things that you can adjust to make your future better.

Here is some simple life advice: That thing everyone has been warning you about. That situation you feel needs to change. Those comments you keep hearing from your friends. The idea that keeps popping up in sermons and books. Listen closely. Those moments when you grit your teeth and think, “I will show them.” Instead of hearing these words as challenges for you to overcome, why not approach them as opportunities to adjust your path before you find out that the rules actually did apply to you.

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