The Trouble With Answers

I think the Bible gives us answers to many of life struggles and questions. The problem is not with the answers; it is found in how we value information. The knowledge that we value the most is that gained by experience rather than being said to us. Let’s be honest, you can be told something over and over, but it doesn’t seem to stick in our mind until we do it ourselves.

In part, I think this is the brilliance of Jesus. He calls twelve men to be his disciples. They walk with him, talk with him and watch him perform miracles. Then Jesus sends them out two by two to test their knowledge. Jesus knows that sitting in a classroom or listening to a sermon has a limited effect on the actions of a person.

This is one of the struggles of the Church today. There is not enough discipleship going on beyond the Church walls. We depend on a program within the Church to effectively shape ourselves and our children. It will never be enough; there need to be some practical, real-life experiences to push us to grow. This is one of the reasons why I believe serving within and through a local Church is essential. It gives us a chance to learn with our hands and feet more than just our minds.

Recently one of my boys wanted to know something, and so I gave them a long answer. I mean, I told them to follow me and showed them how things worked. I asked them to put their hands on it and see it with their own eyes. I could have said, “Here is what to do,” but they would not have kept that information for more than a few days. This was something they needed to know and will prove helpful over their lifetime. Even though I was greeted with eye rolls and disgust, I did force them to interact anyway, and one day they will thank me for it.

The best solutions in life come with experience rather than information. One simple goal for each day of your life is to learn something about faith. This comes through Bible reading and prayer, but it is grounded in action. There is a difference between knowing something with your head and knowing it with your heart. That new idea God is placing in your head, go out and do it today and you will find it ingrained in you forever.

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