Leadership is Decision Making

When I first entered the full-time vocational ministry, I started listening to John Maxwell’s material on leadership. He frequently said, “Leadership is influence.” I have used that line to help define this topic for over 20 years.

Recently I have reached a new definition of what it means to be a leader. Here it is, “Leadership is the willingness to make a decision for yourself and others.”

Making a good decision is a difficult task. It has always been challenging to arrive at a decision and move forward. It is literally draining to you, mentally and physically. It is getting even harder in 2019, where we have people offering their opinions on everything. It also becomes complicated because of social media. If you make a stance on a difficult subject, then you are liable to be tried and crucified in the court of public opinion. People are scared to make a stand on anything because the angry mob is always ready to attack.

Because of these reasons and other complications, people willing to arrive at a decision and remain firm are becoming rare commodities. In fact, I find myself called upon almost daily to decide for something or someone. Every group of people of which I am connected is desperately longing for people willing to say, “This is what we are going to do.”

With all that in mind, my new definition of leadership is the willingness to make a decision for yourself and others. A leader in the Church is required to make decisions even when they are unpopular. A leader in the community must step up and make decisions for the good of the people they serve. A leader in the home will not shy away from tough choices for their family. A leader makes decisions, and their influence is seen in the choices they make. A follower will delegate their responses to those who are willing to lead.

My question for today is simple, “Where are you stepping up as a leader?”

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