No Strings Attached

It seems like everyone is trying to cash in on something. If you do something reasonably well, then there must be some way to make some money off it, correct? You like to work out, then surely you can make a little extra as a part-time trainer. You like to take pictures, then why not make some money on the side. After all, there is nothing wrong with using your gifts and abilities to make extra money to help your family.

This kind of thinking is prevalent everywhere, and it has even infiltrated the Church. Frequently I get an email or see an advertisement on social media from someone who wants to help our Church or specifically me as a pastor. Click on the link, and you are then told about how much it will cost you to get this help. If someone does give away free material, then they want your contact information so that they can bombard you with other products and services they are selling. There always seems to be strings attached to everything that is offered.

What if, and I know this is going to seem like I am against free enterprise, but what if you offered stuff for free? What if you helped someone out of the goodness of your heart? What if you gave away your services in the name of Jesus? What if you did not attach any strings to the material you were offering? Would you be willing to help the kingdom of God even if no one did anything for you in return?

Sure, some people would take advantage of you. There are always those who abuse the system. You would need some safeguards and procedures to make things go smoothly. But what if …

I believe serving people in the name of Jesus is at the heart of God’s kingdom. It will not make you rich, and you might not be able to give up your day job. Serving without compensation will not help you take that vacation you want or buy that item you are sure you need. It might even require blood, sweat, and tears without seeing any cash in your pocket. I believe it will further the kingdom of God on earth. The greatest gift anyone can offer is their time. Whenever we give it freely, people will see that there is something different about Christians. Perhaps now more than ever.

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