God Made You Unique

You are a one of a kind masterpiece. There is no one quite like you. God gave you unique fingerprints, eyes, ears, footprints, and DNA. The Bible says that he “knit you together” in your mothers’ womb. Once you were born, you continued in your development. You had a unique family, made decisions only you could make, and lived through experiences that no one else can repeat. You have passions, abilities, personality, and giftedness that no other person on this planet has an equal measure. You truly are one of a kind.

And yet, the goal of every believer is to become like Jesus. The word I use most often is “Christlikeness,” which means you are to live like Christ in everything. “What would Jesus do” is a question that guides your decisions and actions. Your life is found in him and is to be lived for him.

How do you bring these two concepts into harmony? It is quite simple. God wants you to be like Jesus, as only you can be. He wants you to use your unique life for his glory. He formed you so that you could use your gifts, talents, and abilities for his kingdom.

Most days, I do not feel like I fit in with everyone else. I don’t see or hear things the same way as other people. It is easy to think that I am a misfit and somehow have less value than others. The opposite is true. You are not like anyone else, and your life has infinite worth because you have something to offer that no one else can replace.

God created each one of us to fit together like a giant kingdom puzzle, and your piece is essential to complete his work.

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