Quantity or Quality?

Should you spend more time doing it? Should you spend less time, but make sure it is a meaningful time?

The answer is yes. You should try to do both, but if you have a choice, make sure it is quantity.

The problem with the question of quantity versus quality question is you never know when something of quality will happen.

If I talk to my spouse an hour every day, there will be many, many nights that nothing significant happens. Then one day, your hearts and minds will connect in a deep and meaningful way you never expected. You will be surprised by how intimate you become without anything artificial to force your feelings.

If you spend time with your spouse, one day you will deeply connect. If I spend lots of time with my children, one day you will be surprised. If you spend countless hours reading your Bible. One day your mind will light up with new thoughts and ideas. If you attend worship every week, one day, God will speak to you clearly. If you keep doing the right things repeatedly, then one day, you will encounter a quality of experience that you never expected.

As we head into the week of the fourth of July, many people who live near me will be given some extra time off from work. The best way to spend that time will be bingeing. Not on food or TV, but on time with the people in your life and on things that matter. Who knows what beautiful thing might happen?

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