Weekend and Week long Reading

I will be taking the first week of July off from writing. I will return to post some new material on July 8th. Between now and then I have several articles for you to read that I have enjoyed. I hope you like them too.

3 FRIENDSHIPS THAT CAN WRECK YOUR MINISTRY – these apply to anyone who is trying to serve the Lord.


DID GOD COMMAND GENOCIDE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT? – An important concept the think through and understand.

7 Ways to Persevere in Your Senior Years

You Need to Be Inconvenienced for Your Church

Christians, Let’s All Stop Doing These 15 Things on Social Media

I’m A Recovering iChristian

Seth Godin is so insightful. Not a believer, but still good stuff.

The solo marathon

Eleven votes

Of course it could be better

100 compromises

Even if it’s not graduation week for you

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