Keep Swinging

Tonight is most likely my son’s final baseball game of the year. I am not a baseball fan, but I love my son, so I have endured some hot evenings sitting outside the fence, cheering him on to victory. Watching this season, I have realized there are two types of players and teams when it comes to youth baseball.

The first group of players is in the “I hope I get a walk” category. They stand there watching the ball and rarely swing at any pitch. The occasionally strike out but because of the accuracy of young pitchers, many times they get a walk.

The other group of kids are the “I want to hit the ball” hitters. They walk to the plate, and they swing at every pitch near the strike zone and occasionally some that are not so close. They want to feel the swing of the bat and the contact that makes the game so fun. Sure, sometimes they strike out, but once in a while, they get a hit. They run and smile and score.

Baseball at the youth level is not about winning and losing. It is about learning to play. It is about having fun while enjoying an outdoor sport. It is about swinging the bat, hitting the ball and seeing what happens. It emotionally hurts to strike out, but you will never get a hit with the bat on your shoulder. You must keep swinging and trying to get your bat on the ball.

Life is much the same way. You can get up each day and hope something good happens while you stand watching the pitches come at you. Either that or you can get up and start swinging.

I hope you will keep swinging. Keeping swinging in your marriage, your family, your career, and even with your hopes and dreams. There will be days when things go wrong and you feel like you strike out. Other days you will make contact, the ball will fly, and you will not believe how far you will run. It will be fun, and it will touch your soul in a way that walking through life will never be able to do.

Today life is going to throw you some balls; so, set your feet, tighten your grip, and take a swing.

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