Most People Do Not Care About Foundations

Rarely do people drive out their friends to show them the foundation that was just poured for their upcoming house. Your friends and family don’t care about concrete forms, cinder blocks, and drainage plans.

No one has ever invited me into their home and immediately bragged out the foundation of their house. No, they usually show off big kitchens, walk-in closets, and elegant bathrooms.

Nothing is appealing about a foundation, and no one really cares. That is until there is a crack. When the ground settles, shoddy workmanship is exposed, or a natural disaster causes a failure in the foundation, then nothing could be more critical.

While no one talks about it, brags about it or shows it to their friends, the foundation is the most crucial part of a building. If it goes, the whole structure comes down. The kitchen, the closets, and the bathroom have no value on top of a shaking foundation.

The same is true in life. The things you build your life upon are not always exciting, but they are essential. Fancy homes, expensive vacations, and lots of recreational toys mean little when the foundation of your life is crumbling.

What God offers us through our faith in him is not always flashy and will not impress many people. The real question of your life is not, “Is it appealing to others,” but rather, “Will it stand firm when the ground shifts and the storms come?”

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