The Problem with Young People Today

Is the same problem it is has been since the beginning of time.  They lack the experience that brings knowledge. 

They only see the beginning of things.  They do not envision the end of the road.  They don’t wholly comprehend where some of the paths in life lead. 

For example, young people rush into drinking alcohol because they have never sat with a 50-year-old alcoholic who has lost everything.  Their spouse has left them, and their children despise them.  Their pain is greater than the years they have spent pursuing pleasure. 

They take considerable risks in many areas of life because they have never seen someone lose everything.  They have never been witness to the destruction that comes with taking the wrong road.   

The first steps of the path we take are always fun and stimulating.  When you do not see any immediate consequences, we can begin to think there are none.  Unfortunately, many of the paths that people tread lead to dark and awful places. 

Wisdom is the ability to think through the possible conclusions to the choices you are making.  It involves asking yourself, “Where does this behavior lead me in the coming years?” 

Honestly, there is no problem with young people today.  They suffer from the same issue anyone can face.  Anyone can live with short-sightedness.  It is dangerous to think that nothing bad will ever happen to us.  You don’t have to be young to make foolish decisions. 

The way of the wisdom is for anyone willing to look far enough ahead to be sure they are on the right path. 

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